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Porpoise Crispy (A Satire)

it's music and chatting

it's megs and john and anyone else that wants to be a park of it.


Nov 9, 2014

Porpoise Crispy Podcast

Volume #2 Episode #4

They took to social life like props to aviators

November 13, 2014

Curated By Jace Winston


1.  Marathon Shirt Self Subliminal Plastic Motives           

2.  Third Density Blues Igneous Grimm The Man Outside

3.  Miststück Don Vito Split w/ No Nebraska

4.  50ft Queenie PJ Harvey Rid Of Me

5.  Night Of The Living Baseheads [w/ intro as excerpt from NOTLB (Dope Version)]

Public Enemy It Takes A Nation Of Millions To Hold Us Back

6. Chi Cacoan Nels Cline Destroy All Nels Cline (w/ Daniel Johnston Beatles Spiel)

7.  The Beatles Daniel Johnston Yip Jump Music

8.  Ex-Lion Tamer (Wire Cover) Rollins Band Hot Animal Machine + Drive By Shooting

9.    Child Actors Great White Tourist You Grump

10.  Smokestack Lightnin’ Howlin’ Wolf Moanin’ In The Moonlight

11.  A Cat Named Jacob The Ocelots If Lightning Strikes Us Both


            Volume #2 Episode #3 Recapitulation


12.  Victims Rights Pink Lincolns Back From The Pink Room

13. Sleep Buddy Rich & Max Roach Rich Versus Roach

14. Polish Fugazi Steady Diet Of Nothing

15. There Ain’t No Sanity Clause The Damned The Black Album (Deluxe)

16. Do You Remember? Hüsker Dü Everything Falls Apart And More

17. Low Life Public Image Ltd. Public Image

18. The Dream Ed Hall Permission To Rock…Denied

19. Amnesiac Lungfish Artificial Horizon


Jace’s Lecture Notes for this episode


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