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Porpoise Crispy (A Satire)

it's music and chatting

it's megs and john and anyone else that wants to be a park of it.


Dec 24, 2014

Porpoise Crispy Podcast

Volume #3 Episode #3 Chrispmas

Practice in front of a bush.

Curated by Jace Winston

December 24, 2014


1. Big Swifty Frank Zappa Wazoo                                        

2. Merry Xmas Song Pink Floyd

3. Never Tell Violent Femmes Hallowed Ground

4. Dishonest Don Part II Les Savy Fav The Cat & The Cobra

5.  Graveyard Butthole Surfers Locust Abortion Technician

6.  Less Of Me Lydia Lunch Teenage Jesus & the Jerks

7.  Hardest Geometry Problem In The World Mark Mothersbaugh Rushmore Original Soundtrack

8.  Alphabet Song The Mystic Knights Of Oingo Boingo Forbidden Zone

9. The Death Of Suzzy Roche The Roches Nurds

10. The Big Band Theory Mike Watt “Ball-Hog Or Tugboat” Outtakes
11.  Nod Off 
Skeleton Key Fantastic Spikes Through Balloon

12.  Is It Luck? Primus Sailing The Seas Of Cheese

13.  Optical Illusion Camper VanChadbourne Revenge of Camper Van Chadbourne

14. Semi Multi-Coloured Caucasion Captain Beefheart Hot Head Introducing… Captain Beefheart

15.  In The Kingdom #19 Sonic Youth EVOL

16.  HWR (Bootleg Tie Dye Version) Spacebeach


            It Must Be Krampmas All Over Again with V3E2


17. The Untouchables Frank Zappa Broadway The Hard Way

18. I Was Never Young of Montreal The Sunlandic Twins

19. Sleigh Ride The Ventures The Ventures’ Christmas Album

20. Any Colour You Like The Flaming Lips The Dark Side Of The Moon



            The True Meaning of Chrispmas featuring Zappa’s Oh No from Lumpy Gravy and Black Napkins from his Mike Douglas Appearance as well as the V3E3 précis.


Hello listeners of PCP… It’d be Jace Winston and I have something to say- 

Evrything on this episode symbolizes something that ties in with the very meaning of the holiday season. Not really but we play some neat tunes from across the board for your festive enjoyment. Speaking of festive- remember to check out the North Texas Noise Alliance, the Funkytown Podcast cuz that's ‘bout where we’re from, and your local record store. Dreamy Life Records & Music is really popping this season. Same with Doc's Records & Vintage and CD Source. If you’re new to the show, check out some of our old episodes, which feature Child Bite and Mike Watt interviews. Zappa and Watt's Birthdays were last weekend by the way. Musicy/arty movies you should see: Forbidden Zone & Rushmore. Far out!!!