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Porpoise Crispy (A Satire)

it's music and chatting

it's megs and john and anyone else that wants to be a park of it.


May 13, 2018

Porpoise Crispy Podcast
Volume #7 Episode #17
Budapest, Hungary
Curated by John Newberry 

May 13, 2018

     Sci-Fi with The Association 

Kill the Barflies Self Breakfast with Girls 
Psychic Know-How Girls Against Boys Cruise Yourself
Zombie Drunks with Guns 7”
Theme Song Secret Hate Vegetables Dancing
Success And Failure Saccharine Trust Paganicons
Smoke! Smoke! Smoke! (That Cigarette) Phil Harris 7” 

     The Knadle Knorner
         Fuck With Sad Girls Bonnie Whitmore Live at the Kerrville Folk Fest
         Tall Trees Lost in the Trees Violitionist Sessions

     Leftover Mashed Potatoes 

The ID Moloko I'm Not A Doctor
Cold Turkey The Soft Boys A Can of Bees
Freefall Burning Ghosts Kakistocracy EP
Mama Soukous Volta Jazz Bobo Yeye/Belle Apoque In Upper Volta

     Fresh Mashed Potatoes

The pCrispy is only an hour of music so I know you’ve got time to enjoy to these bad asses of the Internets:  

The Westerino Show
Squirreling Podcast

Travel with your music and go do something positive for the earth, for the community, for your neighbor.