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Porpoise Crispy (A Satire)

it's music and chatting

it's megs and john and anyone else that wants to be a park of it.


Dec 18, 2014

Porpoise Crispy Podcast
Volume #3 Episode #2

Your guitar is a divining rod.

Curated by Sam Hammich

December 18, 2014

 1.  80s Punk Charlie Brown Christmas                 

            Krampus Comes to Town

 2.  Viper's Drag  Fats Waller  A Handful of Fats           

            Miles Davis is pissed!

3.  Salt Peanuts  Miles Davis  Steamin’ with the Miles Davis Quintet
4.  Boilermaker  The Jazzus Lizard
5.  Growing Birds  Early Lines  Pure Health EP
6.  Pablo Picasso  Burning Sensations  Repo Man Soundtrack

7.  House of Fun  Madness
8.  Cold Eyes  Reactors  Hyped to Death Compilation 

            An Amalgamation of Episode One Volume Three

9.  I Go Hard, I Go Home  The Presets Beams
10.  Facemelter Aesop Rock  Fast Cars, Danger, Fire & Knives [Bonus Track]
11.  Wishes  The Danner Party  Hopeful About Tomorrow Evening

12.  Texas Wine  Jon Wayne  Texas Funeral
13.  Heartaches in a Bottle  Dank
14.  The Stallion, Pt. 2  Ween  The Pod

15.  Hoist That Rag  Tom Waits  Real Gone 

            Short Term Memory Loss Aid