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Porpoise Crispy (A Satire)

it's music and chatting

it's megs and john and anyone else that wants to be a park of it.


Dec 28, 2018

Porpoise Crispy Podcast

Volume #7 Episode #24
New York City
Curated by John

December 28, 2018



     Last week was so last year

Antimatter Tropical Fuck Storm A Laughing Death in Meatspace
The Butcher Xetas The Redeemer
Ersatz Living  Anwar Sadat Ersatz Living       
Third Uncle Bauhaus The Sky's Gone Out

Dec 20, 2018

Porpoise Crispy Podcast

Volume #7 Episode #23
Los Angeles, California
Curated by Jon Lee Hart

December 20, 2018 


     Last week wrapped up like a pretty bow

     Play-in tune Playa De Ticia Charnel Ground

Straight Veruca Salt Eight Arms to Hold You
The Wanderer Dion & The Belmonts Runaround Sue
Cock Block

Dec 12, 2018

Porpoise Crispy Podcast

Volume #7 Episode #22
Moscow, Russia
Curated by John and Megs 

December 12, 2018

     It was June

Coition Ignition Mission Rapeman Two Nuns and a Pack Mule
Negro Observer Butthole Surfers Psychic ... Powerless ... Another Man's Sac
Mono Half Japanese Greatest Hits
Academy Fight Song Mission...

Jun 29, 2018

Porpoise Crispy Podcast
Volume #7 Episode #21
Mexico City
Curated by Megs 

June 29, 2018


Another Radio Song Okkervil River Black Sheep Boy Appendix EP
No More Workhorse Blues Bonnie “Prince” Billy Sings Greatest Palace Music
Carry Me Ohio Sun Kil Moon Ghosts of the Great Highway
Prayer to God Shellac...

Jun 11, 2018

Porpoise Crispy Podcast
Volume #7 Episode #20
Jakarta, Indonesia

Curated by Paddy M. Flynn
Art by Zachery Gezella 

June 11, 2018

     My Horth, My Horth, My Horth for June Fourth

Blow Out Spiral Sound B Sides and Outtakes
Hart Bulls 14 Minutes
Raw Materials Metz Strange Peace
Spiralina O.Deletron O.Deletron EP