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Porpoise Crispy (A Satire)

it's music and chatting

it's megs and john and anyone else that wants to be a park of it.


Jan 11, 2020

Porpoise Crispy Podcast
Volume #8 Episode #20

Curated by Megs

December 28, 2019

Push To Close Hazel Toreador of Love
Forty Dollars The Twilight Singers Powder Burns
City is Flooding Some Say Leland Fifty Miles Into the Main
Wiggle Stick Reverend Horton Heat The Full Custom Gospel Sounds
East Side: First Plan Zero, Now Method One Nouns Group
Poison Culture New Science Projects WEFT Session 6/13/2009
On A Rope Listen!Listen! Hymns from Rhodesia
Fountains of Fire Centro-Matic Distance and Clime
Civil Disobedience Camper Van Beethoven New Roman Times
Porfirio Diaz At the Drive-In Acrobatic Tenement
Bucket of Chicken Sunny Day Real Estate CD O’Nostalgia

The pCrispy is only an hour of music so I know you’ve got time to enjoy to these bad asses of the Internets: 

The Westerino Show
Squirreling Podcast
Secretly Timid

Now go do something positive for the earth, for the community, and for your neighbor.